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In 2015, LEBOCAL is working
on new tunes

After having studies composition with Mr. Lusignan at the Grenoble Music Conservatory for four years, pianist Thierry Girault went on to study film scoring in Los Angeles. Together with trombonist Stephane Monnet, he decided to create LeBocal. This Collective is a true arena for creativity where personalities, atypical in the field of contemporary jazz are to be found, such as saxophonist Guillaume Perret (Electric Epic), guitarist Cyril Moulas (Imperial Tiger Orchestra) as well as singer Ernie Odoom... Most of the musicians in the Collective have been playing together since the beginning, thereby allowing, thanks to a number of discographic projects (Harmonia Mundi, Bee Jazz), for the creation of a particularly original and accomplished product. Their style is not easy to classify since it is a mix of rock energies and harmonies more representative of the jazz world; electric sounds mixed with horns; quasi-free improvisation mixed with more complex writing. After more than four years in existence, this group has received many accolades and is now touring more and more abroad: Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Africa... and sometimes even in France!